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My Best Friend: A Poem

Dear bestie,

There is no one quite like you, a friend so loyal and true.
You are a light that guides me through the darkness that can cloud my view.

Friendship is a precious thing, a bond that we hold dear.
It helps us through the ups and downs and wipes away each tear.

In childhood days we laughed and played and shared our favorite toys.
We ran through fields and climbed tall trees and made such joyful noise.

As we grew up, our lives diverged and we took separate ways.
But still we kept in touch with words and shared our hopes and praise.

Though we may be far apart, the miles cannot divide.
The love and memories that we’ve shared and all the times we’ve cried.

Every memory is close to me and etched on my heart.
And I will always be your shoulder, no matter how far we’re apart.

For true friendship knows no distance, no time or space can part.
It’s like a flame that burns so bright, illuminating our hearts.

I am grateful for every moment we’ve shared.
I’m grateful for every smile, every hug and every single tear that we bared.

We’ve shared so much through all these years, our triumphs and our woes.
Our joys and sorrows, big and small and it’s this that truly shows.

May we always find joy in each other and may our friendship continue to grow.
May our bond remain true and strong through all of life’s highs and lows.

So here’s to you, my bestie, may our friendship never end.
We’ll grow and learn and support each other, my dearest friend.

Love, your bestie.


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