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I’m Emilie! Mum to human and fur babies and a passionate reader and writer. Thanks for coming by!

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Fireborn: Chapter One

I quickly ducked behind the crumbling walls. They had found me. I swore as the group of armoured people fanned out around the abandoned town. Someone from the last village must have tipped them off. I tried to stuff my dark red hair further into my hood. I loved my unique hair, but it was…

My Best Friend: A Poem

Dear bestie, There is no one quite like you, a friend so loyal and true. You are a light that guides me through the darkness that can cloud my view. Friendship is a precious thing, a bond that we hold dear. It helps us through the ups and downs and wipes away each tear. In…


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Hi! I’m Emilie, previously a full-time administrator and now a full-time mum. I’m a passionate writer pursuing her dream of becoming a published author! When I’m not spending time with my husband and toddler I’m usually delving into a good book or working on my writing. Read more.

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