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I’m Emilie! Mum to human and fur babies and a passionate reader and writer. Thanks for coming by!

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Age of Dragons: A Short Story

The history books don’t say who thought of sentient machines. No one really knows where this idea came from. Sure, the machines worked for a while. They repaired the ozone layer, rebuilt the Earth, and contributed to humanity. But then human nature kicked in, and they were used to start wars, conquer countries, and reign…

Winter Again: A Poem

The fire roars,the snow falls.I’m behind closed doorsand solid walls. Winter came again,the best time of year.I never complain,I only cheer. Winter is amazing,there’s no downside.Fireplace blazing,rugged up inside. Hot cocoa in my mug,book in my hand.It feels like a warm hug,just as planned. Winter, I adoreeach and every year.Winter is no bore,it is comforting…


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Hi! I’m Emilie, previously a full-time administrator and now a full-time mum. I’m a passionate writer pursuing her dream of becoming a published author! When I’m not spending time with my husband and toddler I’m usually delving into a good book or working on my writing. Read more.

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