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A Collection of Haiku’s

I’ve collated a small collection of haiku poems that I’ve written over the past year! Haiku isn’t my usual style and it is quite a challenging structure to write but I enjoyed the challenge and the creativity required to write a haiku!

Little Baby

Each day passes fast,
and my child grows too quickly.
Tiny baby, gone


forming a scene of the lake
with soft strokes of paint.

The Lake

Alone in silence
the clear blue lake shines at dawn.
The calm fills my heart.

Mountain Air

Mountain air surrounds.
Beautiful pure and clean air.
Breathe in and breathe out.

My Oasis

Quiet oasis.
My place of refuge and calm.
My mountain, my home.


Rain drips down my head
as I stare up at the sky.
Oh, how I love rain.


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