Mental Health Awareness

I’ve been absent for a while on my blog, I do apologise! I’ve had some personal issues to address that have disrupted my carefully paid blogging plans so I haven’t been able to write or post anything. This blog I wanted to change it up briefly. It’s October 10th, which is also known as:

That’s right! It’s World Mental Health Day! As someone on both ends of mental health, this day is especially important! Not only am I studying Psychology to help people with their mental health, but I’ve also struggled with my own. I’ve had serious issues with anxiety and depression and self harming behaviours that have severely impacted my life, and this day and all mental health days are incredibly important to me.

“1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many don’t seek help because of stigma”

This fact is scary, since suicide is a leading cause of death in Australia, and worldwide. Mental health is so incredibly important for everyone, and people need to know that it is okay to seek help. Mental health needs to be discussed and normalised in order for people to open up and seek the help they need.

I am seeking a world where it is normal for people to be open about their mental health struggles, and celebrated when someone is brave enough to seek help. We’re not meant to walk through this world alone, we have so many people to help support us through and it is incredibly important to lean on others when we need too.

My goal in the future with my studies as a psychologist is to write a book focusing on mental health. I don’t know what style it will be in, but I really want to contribute to the normalisation of mental health discussion.

“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength” – Teddy Roosevelt

If you’re in Australia and you are struggling with mental health, please find someone to talk to or visit one of these sites:




Feel free to DM me as well if you ever need someone to chat with ❤️

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