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The Broken Mirror: A Short Story

The mirror showed a reflection that wasn’t my own. Amber eyes stared deep into my own hazel eyes, burrowing deep into my soul. My hand brushed the broken mirror, enraptured by the sight in front of me. The girl in the mirror was beautiful, elegant and perfect. She was everything I wished I could be.

Her hand touched mine through the glass, a small smile crossing her face as one crossed my own. If she wasn’t so beautiful I’d think it was actually reflecting myself, but I knew better. I looked nothing like her.

I flinched as my finger caught the sharp edge, blood trickling down my hand. It jolted me out of my trance and I glanced back at the mirror, frowning as my own reflection scowled back. Was I hallucinating?

I shook my head and darted away from the mirror, quickly grabbing an old towel to stem the blood flow. I peered back at the broken mirror, relieved as nothing out of the ordinary reflected back. I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it or not, but I definitely saw someone else in the mirror. I must be stressed to start hallucinating like that.

I muttered obscenities to myself as I rummaged through my bathroom, sighing in relief as I found the bandages to strap my hand up. So stupid.

I cleaned the blood off the ground and started to make my way out of the bathroom when something caught my eye. Amber eyes staring at me in the bathroom mirror. I freaked out and spun away, flinching as the amber eyes followed me in every reflective surface. Eyes were everywhere, watching every move I made.

I ran into the bedroom, horrified as the eyes started to appear in the windows and even in the glossy walls. I couldn’t escape it. I spun around, desperately trying to escape the amber eyes. I could feel them piercing into me with every move I made.

Fed up, I grabbed the broken mirror, determined to toss it down into the street. Something made me stop and I stared deep into the amber eyes within. A face reflected back, a sly smile crossing over the perfect face.

Her hand emerged from the mirror, gripping my wrist tightly. I felt panic rise within me as tried to pull away, to no avail. She smiled and tugged on my arm, pulling me towards her. The world started to spin around me and I squeezed my eyes shut, my own scream echoing in the walls around me as I willed it all to end.

Silence greeted me. I slowly opened my eyes, flinching as amber eyes bored into me. She smiled again and flicked her hand into a wave before walking away, leaving me alone. I tried to follow but I was unable to move. I stretched my arm out towards her, flinching as I tapped against glass.

Horror filled me as I touched the glass. I was surrounded by it. I banged my fists on the glass wall in front of me, but I didn’t make an impact.

“Welcome,” drawled a voice behind me.

I spun around, eyes wild as I took in the sight before me. A crowd of unkempt people stood before me, sympathetic stares coming from every person I saw. “Who are you?” I stammered. “Where am I?”

“In the mirror world,” replied the woman who spoke before. “You’ve been replaced and kicked in here with us.”


“Why else? Someone traded places with you. She’s living your life now and you’re here. Forever.”

Terror engulfed me. “No, no!” I shouted. “I need to get back!”

“There’s no escape. She won’t be stupid enough to be drawn back in here. This is your home now. For eternity.”

The crowd surrounded me, suffocating me with their presence. Tears streamed down my face. No escape? Was there truly no escape. I squeezed my eyes shut and clasped my hands over my ears. I couldn’t take this.

I screamed and my eyes jolted open. Sunlight streamed into my room, highlighting the sweat that had gathered on the blankets around me. I kicked off the sheets, desperately trying to catch my breath. Was it all just a dream?

I looked over to the broken mirror in the corner, shuddering as I saw something amber glinting in the sunlight. I darted out of bed and grabbed a garbage bag, swiftly throwing the mirror pieces inside. It all felt too real to be just a dream. My mind was fuzzy and confused but I knew I had to get rid of this godforsaken mirror.

I ran outside and threw the bag into the trash, pausing for a moment as I caught my reflection in the shop window. My own amber eyes stared back at me, wild and confused.


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