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Holidays Are Always Crazy Times

December – January is always wild! There’s so much to do over this month-long span of time and honestly not enough hours in the day to get it all done! There’s decorating, present shopping, present wrapping, food prep and so on before Christmas even arrives! Not to mention wrangling a toddler around!

I do love the holiday season though. Something about Christmas brings me so much joy. I love the music, the decorations and of course spending time with my loved ones! Christmas Day is always busy for us but it’s so much fun. We have lunch with my side of the family and dinner with my husband’s side so the day is very full! Full but exciting.

It’s been even more fun this year with a toddler. Last year he was too young to participate at all but this year he was running around, getting into mischief, eating the food and, of course, ripping open all the wrapping paper. He had an absolute blast.

It’s been an exhausting time but I’m grateful to be able to rest now and recuperate. It’s almost 2023, which is just crazy to believe, and we don’t usually do much for New Years. We might take the little boy to see some early fireworks but other than that we’ll be enjoying a New Years meal at home and reigning in the New Year together.

With that, I’m going to sign off for 2022! See you all in 2023!


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