Making the Most of Writing on a Plane

Since I have literally just stepped off a plane about 2 hours ago, I thought this would be a useful blog to write. I wrote it will on the plane home from an amazing trip to Japan – I needed something to do in the flight, so writing a blog post seemed as good as anything else!

I struggle to sleep on the move – I can’t nap in cars or on boats, and I really can’t sleep on planes. It can be quite frustrating since I live in Australia and flying anywhere is a long-haul flight. When I flew to Europe I went about 48 hours without sleep and flying to Japan was 18hrs without sleep (12hrs on the actual plane).

Since I spend so long cramped into a plane without sleeping, I need to find something to do. Just mindlessly watching movies is usually what people do, but I like to be more productive on my flights. Usually I’ll pop a movie on for a little while, but I’ll also pull out my laptop and get some writing done.

I love watching the scenery we pass while on a flight – so I always get the window seat so I can look outside and gather more inspiration. Seeing small islands in the ocean or watching the large city we’re approaching is really fun and I love coming up with new ideas with these beautiful places in mind.

I really enjoy the availability of caffeine while on a flight and I do grab a few coffees while on the plane. I’ll order a coffee and often pop either a mindless movie on (one I’ve seen before) or music and then I’ll delve into writing for the duration of the flight.

The only real breaks I have is when meals come around, when I will watch the movie properly. I’ll take time to eat and watch the movie but once the plates are taken away again, I pull the laptop out again and it’s back to writing!

Since the flights are so long, I end up writing for about 12hrs or so which is pretty amazing! Towards the end of the flight my mind starts to get a bit weird and I write some strange things. Oddly enough, I find I write some interesting things when I’m sleep-deprived. Granted, it’s filled with spelling and grammar mistakes, but it will be unique scenes and my imagination goes a little more crazy.

I find I can use the time quite productively and I really make the most of my trips on a plane to fuel crazy writing-sprees. It helps clear my mind and gives me something to do during the flight

How do you spend time
on a plane? 

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