Four Authors Who Inspire Me

“The person who deserves most pity is a lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn’t know how to read.”

Benjamin Franklin

Young Adult fiction is my jam – it’s what I love to read and what I love to write. Throw in fantasy and I’m in heaven.

I read a lot of books. Like a lot. When I’m not writing or working, I’m reading. I often buy Young Adult books as they’re what I’m into – I’m in the age group and I just find them interesting and exciting. I’m just into YA.

There are four authors whom inspire me deeply in my writing. I would love to be able to write a series one day – and these authors show me how amazing a novel series can truly be. I love how they write and their different techniques and abilities. They all inspire me in their own way.

Garth Nix was one of the first authors I read after typical childhood books (mainly Enid Blyton). His writing was amazing and I found myself drawn into the novels. The first series I read was The Keys to the Kingdom series and I borrowed the first three books off one of my friends. My mother eventually bought me the entire series for my birthday, and I also received the Abhorsen series.

I loved Keys to the Kingdom, but the Abhorsen series is what really drove me into the YA, fantasy genre. The first novel, Sabriel, was just intense and exciting and I read it so quickly because I just had to know what was going to happen. I want to be able to do that in my own writing, I want to draw people in and have them never want to put my book down. Garth Nix really drew me into the YA genre and I still enjoy reading his books.

The second author that inspires me is Lauren Kate. Lauren Kate writes beautiful novels that have you really feeling the emotions the characters are feeling. She incorporated a beautiful love story into a fantasy world and it really amazed me. I didn’t read them as quickly as I read Garth Nix, but it was still quite fast.

Lauren Kate has her own way of writing that draws me in. It’s emotional and raw and you get so invested into the characters’ lives and want the best for them. I love the darker theme that Lauren Kate has within her novels and the intensity surrounding the characters – they’re damaged and their pain is felt in every line. It’s really amazing to read and you get sucked into their lives and feel everything they feel.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

Richelle Mead is another author that inspires me in my writing. Her YA fantasy novels are intriguing and so easy to get hooked into. I love the way she makes you feel like these characters are real and the vampires aren’t just a fantasy.

Richelle Mead really draws you into the characters’ lives and the fantasy world of vampires feels completely believable through the characters actions and personalities.

She introduces different personalities that all intertwine and work within the novels and you want to know that everything will be okay for them. The characters are dragged through hell and their reactions and their development is amazing to witness.

I really love the way Richelle Mead creates believable and amazing characters for her novels, bringing them to life through their emotions and actions. They stay strong even when they are in the worst of situations and when things finally work out for them, it makes you want to shout for joy.

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”

Lemony Snicket

The final author that really inspires me is Cassandra Clare. The Shadowhunters series has everything I love in a novel. The characters are dynamic, the plot is dark and the plot twists are just insane.

I really do love the dynamic characters in the Shadowhunters series. You have warlocks, demons, shadowhunters, vampires, fae folk and their lives are all intertwined. The main characters are strong, but also heavily flawed. The plot is intense, dark and filled with so many shocks and twists. I love seeing the characters interact together and get drawn together in a very messed up world.

It’s such an interesting series and I always love reading it. I even love watching the Shadowhunters series and get just as drawn into the storyline through the TV series. 

“We are of opinion that instead of letting books grow moldy behind an iron grating, far from the vulgar gaze, it is better to let them wear out by being read.”

Jules Verne

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