Taking a Break For Celebrations

I’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks. My birthday was on the 13th of Feb and I’ve been to a few events and celebrations for it. I enjoy getting out and celebrating and living life – unfortunately, it’s hard to keep on top of writing while going out.

I don’t usually have a massive social life – I am quite an introvert. But a few concerts popped up this month that I really wanted to go to, one of which fell on my birthday! Going to these concerts was what I really wanted to do, but that meant I would lose precious writing time. This is how my amazing scheduling abilities come in handy.

I attended Keith Urban on Feb 1st, a Friday night. It was a spectacular event and I’m super grateful I could go! I’m a country fan for sure (along with many other genres if we’re being honest) and I loved being able to see him live.

I’m not the biggest fan of crowds and I do suffer from a bit of social anxiety. This makes concerts a bit tricky for me – but I was determined to be okay and attend! Thankfully, my partner grounds me a lot and clinging onto him really helped centre me and keep my focused on the prize – listening and watching Keith Urban! We both had a great time and it was so amazing to see him live and sing along for 2hrs.

A week and a bit later, on the 13th of Feb, a Wednesday night, I attended Nickelback. Yes, I know many people ridicule and hate on them for no good reason, but I love them. I think their music is fantastic and their stage presence is brilliant.

I belted out every song along with everyone else in the crowd and lived it up on that night! It was a birthday celebration for me, since the 13th is my birthday, and I really enjoyed it!

Living my life and doing events like this are really important. I find it helps me to be happier and overcome some fears, and it also helps my writing. Experiencing crowds like concert crowds helps write similar things into my writing and really recall emotions that I was feeling accurately.

I enjoy spending time outside of my house and away from the computer in order to enjoy my life and be able to enrichen it with experiences. It may be small and I may never use the actual experience in my writing, but it is really important to get away from my computer and broaden my horizons.

What do you do to broaden your horizons and improve your writing?

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