Overseas Artistic Inspiration

There is something truly amazing about being overseas and seeing new places and new scenery. It really is awe-inspiring to see so much history and so many beautiful places. Japan is an amazing place for both history and beautiful scenery. The places I saw and experienced help to make my mind whirl and create new inspiration for book covers and artistic things to do with my novel. 

Now I should mention that art is not my forte and I have trouble just drawing a straight line. But I still dream about the places my characters would go to and the things they would see and experience. I dream about the kinds of novel covers I’d have, what scenery I’d want on them or what they’d showcase.  

I love the scenery in Japan. From snow falling to temples and Mt Fuji, it’s all pretty magical and historical. I paint pictures in my head of my characters in these places, I imagine Grace vising the snow when she was younger and her parents showing her Mt Fuji. It’s pretty amazing to be able to stand there and picture your characters there. 

For my current novel it’s a bit trickier to incorporate Japanese scenery. Grace is half-Japanese, but the story is told within Australia. Bringing Japanese scenery into the story would be a little odd, to say the least. 

In a recent story development, however, my protagonists are based in Japan. This idea came to me while in Japan, and it’s been slowly developing over the past two weeks into an actual novel idea. I’ve mapped it out and know where I’m going with it, and these beautiful historical sights help me so much. 

Having pictures of temples is one thing, but actually standing in temple grounds and seeing it’s beauty and history up close is a surreal experience. I loved seeing all the history and the beauty of these places. Watching women walk around in kimonos was so cool to see as well. 

My recent story idea was developed from visiting these places and seeing all the culture and history. I wanted to write a novel and convey my love for Japan and its culture (yes, I’ve been obsessive since I was a primary schooler).  

Using pictures like these I can work out the setting of the novel. It also helps to paint pictures of my novel covers and what I want things to look like in this world – primarily remaining historically accurate and not changing what things looked like.  

I really did love my time in Japan and I can’t wait to go back and see more places and experience the culture more! 

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