Review Time: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen by Lauren Kate is an epic young adult fantasy novel that draws you into the fantasy world filled with mystery and adventure. It has plot twists you don’t expect and drama around every corner. As someone who loves YA novels, and fantasy, this book ticks all my boxes and was one I couldn’t put down.

Lauren Kate is a New York Times Bestselling author and this novel showcases her amazing writing ability. Fallen focuses on Luce as she’s sent to Sword & Cross Academy, a reform school for young adults. There, she meets many odd classmates such as Daniel, the gorgeous, strange boy that seems to hate Luce at first, Penn, the daughter of the school’s deceased groundskeeper and Arriane, a self-described psychopath.

“Rule number 2 – don’t listen to me!” Arriane laughed, “I’m certifiably insane!”

Lauren Kate – Fallen

The primary main character in Fallen is Luce, with many supporting characters appearing throughout the novel. Luce is a very believable character. She is quite damaged through her experiences and her personality is hardened through those experiences. She’s still a kind girl but her flaws are seen, which makes her a credible character. As issues happen throughout the story, her reactions are realistic, and she becomes more than just a book character – rather, she’s a believable person.

The other characters that appear throughout the novel all have their own quirks and personalities. They fill the story with so many different points of views and opinions. When Luce runs into problems, they all handle it in different ways. As the novel progresses, each of the characters are found to be linked together and Luce is thrown into a world filled with fantasy and the mythical. Once angels appear in the story, the entire concept shifts. It changes from a story about a troubled girl in a school for misfits to a school filled with angels and Luce being caught between a battle that has raged centuries. Each character has their own place in this world, and most are revealed to be angels. A few are still human, such as my personal favourite character: Penn.

Penn is the daughter of the school’s deceased groundskeeper. She only stayed at the school after her father died because she had nowhere else to go. Penn is quite frumpy and unpopular in the school; however, she is really kind and helps Luce after Molly dumps meatloaf on her head. She bonds quickly with Luce and proves to be a valuable friend, as she has access and knowledge about Sword & Cross and shares her expertise with Luce.

“Dad died two years ago,” Penn said quietly. “They got as far as sticking me with the decaying old Headmaster Udell as my legal guardian, but, uh, hey never really got around to hiring a replacement for Dad.”

Lauren Kate – Fallen

Penn is a very strong a loyal girl. She has many, many flaws – she is very frumpy and awkward but bonds strongly with Luce and is always there for her friend. She helps Luce many times with researching Daniel’s history and helps Luce with understanding who the people at the school are. She’s the character I could relate to the most. The quiet, awkward girl. She struggles to make friends in her school, but when she finds Luce she proves herself to be trustworthy and a worthwhile friend to have. She sticks up for Luce and is with her until the very end of the book. She’s an amazing character that is so relatable for many people. She is just one of the few things in the book that make Fallen so amazing.

I really enjoyed reading Fallen. It drew me in so much and I just couldn’t put it down. I can’t pick a point in the entire novel I didn’t enjoy – it drew me into the story and I was hooked from the first chapter. The storyline was well thought out and it was an ideal YA fantasy novel! The next two books in the series also tie in so well and the entire trilogy is an amazing read. I was completely hooked into the story and read all three novels in succession. It’s such a good concept that is really intriguing and new to read.

I’d definitely recommend this novel to other people. I’m already telling people to read it if they haven’t already. It’s the first book in a trilogy – and I’ve read all three of them. They’re intriguing and filled with mystery and fantasy themes. The concept was amazing and a new take on the fantasy theme. Young Adults would love reading this novel but I’d say even teenagers and adults can be hooked on the premise of Fallen.

Have you read this
novel? If so, what did you think of it?

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